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 About Us 

 Hackney Learning Trust 


We are responsible for Hackney’s:

  • children’s centres;
  • schools and early years; and
  • adult education.

Our legacy

In 2002, The Learning Trust was awarded a ten year contract to improve education services for Hackney Council. This was the first private, not-for-profit company in the UK to takeover a council’s entire education function. We are now a department in Hackney Council’s Children and Young People’s service.

Hackney is now seen as a borough with:

  • rapid improvements in education;
  • sustained achievements in education;
  • best practice in education; and
  • innovation in education.

  • Find out more about our legacy

Education excellence

We are supporting young people to achieve their lifelong opportunities, helping to raise achievement and aspiration so that every child experiences success and is helped to make a good start in life, regardless of:

  • where they live;
  • where they go to school; or
  • their family background.

Our vision

Our vision for the future in Hackney is:

  • aspiring to remain a recognised provider of educational and professional development;
  • achieving improved standards of education across all schools, nurseries, play and other services; and
  • delivering a future education agenda that will attract education professionals and learners to Hackney.

Plans and policies

Selling goods and services to Hackney Learning Trust

Financial statements and guidelines