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The Admissions Forum works with those schools and academies that are not supervised by Hackney Council to discuss, review and monitor admissions policies for the area

Admission Forum responsibilities

  • Discussing, reviewing and monitoring schools admissions policies
  • Making sure the schools policies are fair and comply with statutory requirements
  • Making sure that the admissions system treat all admissions the same
  • Monitoring compliance with the school admissions code of practice
  • Referring an objection to the Schools Adjudicator if a school’s admission arrangements are unfair or do not follow the code of practice
  • Making sure the system is easy and straightforward for parents to understand
  • Sending out an annual survey to parents of children who transfer to secondary schools to see if they have any concerns
  • Sending out surveys to parents of children who just started in the reception class to see if they have any concerns

The Forum meets about three times a year (in September/October, February and May). The Forum also sends out an annual survey to parents of children who transfer to secondary schools as well as parents of children who have just started in the Reception class to see if they have any concerns that should be looked into.  


  • Two representatives from Hackney Council
  • Four Headteachers or Governors of community schools
  • Four Headteachers or Governors of Voluntary Aided schools
  • Two Academy representatives
  • Three representatives from bodies of any voluntary school in the relevant area
  • Three parent representatives
  • One member of the local community


If you have any questions please contact:

  • Email: Simone Bowen, Clerk to the School Admission Forum
  • Tel: 020 8820 7501
Simone Bowen, Deputy Team Manager Admissions and Pupil Benefits and Clerk to Admissions Forum
T: 020 8820 7501