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Right of appeal

If your child has not been offered a place at a school of your choice, you can appeal to an independent panel.

Timetable for Year 6 transfer to secondary school and reception class co-ordination appeals for 2017

Appealing a school's decision

  • See timetable at the end of this page for the relevant dates
  • When completing an appeal form, give the grounds for your appeal, include any evidence or supporting material
  • There will be a specific deadline for lodging your appeal

We will not accept an appeal form unless you include the grounds for your appeal. You may appeal for more than one school. Please go to the end of this page for an appeal form.

For advice provided by the DfE about appealing against a school admission decision, you can visit the website or contact the Admissions Team on 020 8820 7501/7402.

Applications for a school place during the school year (In-year application)

We will send you a letter to let you know the outcome including your right of appeal for any school where a place has not been offered. Please refer to the documents at the end of this page for further information on how to appeal and the process, then click on the appropriate appeal form below to use.

Fair access protocol

This protocol ensures that children without a school place, especially the most vulnerable, can be found one as quickly as possible. All schools and academies have signed up for this protocol.

The fair access protocol panel meet once a month to give school places to pupils covered by the protocol. These pupils are admitted to schools or academies before other pupils. A copy of Hackney Learning Trust's fair access protocol policy is included in the list of documents below.

Appeal forms, guidance and policy

Appeal form for Primary Reception Class, Year 1 and 2
Appeal form Primary school Years 3 to 6
Children's Legal Advice Service - Coram
Fair Access Protocol Policy 2017
Hackney guide for Parents on appeals for Primary Year 3 to 6 and secondary
Hackney guide for Parents on appeals for Primary Infant Classes
In-year admissions - Cardinal Pole Catholic School
In-year admissions - Clapton Girls' Academy
in-year admissions - Hackney New School
In-year admissions - Haggerston and Stoke Newington
In-year admissions - Mossbourne Community Academy
In-year admissions - Mossbourne Victoria Park
In-year admissions - Our Ladys Convent Catholic
In-year admissions - Skinners' Academy
In-year admissions - The Bridge Academy
In-year admissions - The City Academy, Hackney
In-year admissions - The Petchey Academy
In-year admissions - The Urswick School
Timetable for Reception class and Year 7 in Sept 2017 Appeals
Admissions Team
T: 020 8820 7401

In-year Admissions (Primary / Secondary)
T: 020 8820 7150 / 020 8820 7397 / 020 8820 9398 / 020 8820 7197