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In-year admissions 2017-18

In-year admissions are applications made for school places at any time during the school year. We process applications on a three weekly cycle, please refer to the Allocation Cycle Dates at the end of this page for future dates.

Making an in-year application

  • You will need to request an In-year application form by telephone or email - details below
  • Follow the guidance for completing the form, if your child is currently on roll or just recently left a primary or secondary school in the UK you must get the Part 2 form completed by the school before submitting your application form, and return to the Admissions Team
  • Send with your application a copy of your child's passport or birth certificate and proof of your UK resident address, Council Tax bill and Utility bill to School Admissions Team, 1 Reading Lane, E8 1GQ

If you require further advice, please contact The Admissions Team:

  • Tel: 020 8820 7707 / 020 8820 7798 / 020 8820 7397
  • Email:
  • Visit: 2nd floor reception desk between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Admissions and Pupils officers will not be available between 10am and 1pm on the first Monday of each month.

Please refer to the In-year information documents at the end of this page as these will provide details of vacancies available in Hackney primary schools at this time. Please note that this list will be updated on a 3/4 weekly basis. If you are interested in a school that currently has places, you should bear in mind that the school may already have a waiting list and you will be competing for a place with other applicants.

Awaiting a school place in a reception class 2017-18

If you have not yet secured a reception class place for the school year 2017-18, we would urge you to consider the primary schools available as your child must be on the roll of a school from the term following their 5th birthday. Prior to that your child’s name can be on the waiting list for your preferred schools. You can contact us to check your child’s waiting list position at any time during the school year. Your child's name can remain on the waiting list until 20 July 2018, even if your child is attending a school elsewhere. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please get in touch with the Admission Team by emailing or calling 020 8820 7397 or 020 8820 7398.

Applying from overseas

If you are moving to Hackney as a new arrival to the UK, you cannot apply until you are resident in the borough, you must come to the Hackney Learning Trust office with the child/children to complete the application form and provide identification as well as proof of address. For those families returning to the UK, having previously lived in Hackney, you can apply up to six weeks before arrival as Local Authorities will accept applications from parents with a right of abode if they can provide evidence that they are planning a return/arrival to the United Kingdom.

Satisfactory evidence of a return/arrival should include a combination of the following, although this list may not be exhaustive:

  • A written statement from the parent(s) of their intention to return to/enter the United Kingdom, giving their reasons and an expected date
  • Termination of a work contract abroad
  • Sale/notice of rental of property abroad
  • Notice to existing tenants to terminate the tenancy of an owned property in the United Kingdom
  • Completion of purchase of property in the United Kingdom
  • Tenancy/Mortgage of property in the United Kingdom
  • Copy of work contract within the United Kingdom
  • Confirmation of study arrangements within the United Kingdom
  • Confirmation of travel arrangements

However, whilst an application can be accepted under these circumstances, a United Kingdom address will only be used once the child is residing at that address, and evidence will be required of this.

Your application will be processed at the next allocation process period as detailed in the time-table document at the end of this page. Please do not contact us during this time as we will not have any further information. We will send you a letter to let you know the outcome of your application. Please note that your preferred schools may not have vacancies in your child's year group. If this is the case we will advise you of the schools with places available.

In-year applications will not be considered any earlier than six weeks before an anticipated arrival in the United Kingdom. Please note if a place was to be offered, the place cannot be reserved for children who are not ready to take up their place at a school, as a result, the offer will be withdrawn.

Offer of a school place

If we offer your child a school place, we will write and tell you. The school offered will make an appointment for you to visit them, when you go please make sure you take proof of ID such as a passport for yourself and the children. If you are not the parent the school will need you to clarify whether you have parental responsibilities for the child and the circumstances as to why the child is living with you and not the parent.

How to remain on a waiting list

All your preferences will get considered at the same time, regardless of its rank.  A letter should be sent within 20 school days to let you know the outcome of your application. If you are not offered a place at your preferred school, we will let you know the names of schools in Hackney with vacancies .Once a place is offered our child’s name will be removed from the waiting list for other schools unless you request that their name remain on the list.  We will automatically remove all pupils from the waiting list on 31 July 2018.  If you want your child’s name to remain on the list, you must re-apply in August 2018 for the new academic year.

In-year information documents

In-year offer cycle timetable for primary schools academic year 2017-18Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Primary Schools Vacancy ListUse SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
14-19 Education Office
T: 020 8820 7328

In-year Admissions (Primary / Secondary)
T: 020 8820 7150 / 020 8820 7397 / 020 8820 9398 / 020 8820 7197

Reception Class admissions information
T: 020 8820 7245 / 020 8820 7401

Year Six transfer to secondary
T: 020 8820 7489 / 020 8820 7247