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Admission to a nursery school or class attached to a primary school

Three and four year old children can go to nursery classes attached to primary or nursery schools in Hackney. The age your child can go depends on the number of places available. All three and four year olds are eligible for free early years education, usually 15 hours a week. Both our nursery schools Comet and Wentworth and some primary schools also take eligible two year olds. For further information view our guide below.

How to apply

  • Contact at least three of your preferred schools when your child is two years old (please note, applying early does not give priority over later applications)
  • Fill in a Nursery Application Form
  • If you wish to apply for one of the limited full-time places you will need to meet the criteria as listed in the assessment document¬†- this applies only for school year 2016-17
  • Provide proof of address with your application form

Admissions Criteria

If more children require a nursery place than there are places available, the Headteacher will give out the places in the following order:

  1. Children in public care or subject to a child protection plan who live in the area
  2. Children with an educational, medical or social need for a nursery place
  3. Children whose parents can take up or stay in a teaching post in one of our schools
  4. Children with brothers and sisters already at the school (includes foster and step brothers and sisters living at the same address)
  5. Children living nearest to the school in a straight line from their home address or their child-minder's address

Places will be given to the most vulnerable children and those in need first. Assessments and evidence will be used to decide the level of need for each child to offer them a place.

What happens next

  • The school will write to you before your child is due to attend to let you know if they have a place
  • If your child is offered a place, the school will also need to see your child's birth certificate to confirm their date of birth

Nursery classes at voluntary aided schools

  • The governing body of each religious school is responsible for admissions to their nursery class
  • Contact the school to find out if they have offered you a place and the start date
  • Complete and return a supplementary information form if you want your application to be considered under the faith priorities

Appeal against nursery place decision

There is no right of appeal against admission decision for a nursery place in a school.