Admissions consultation

Consultation on school admission arrangements for the school year beginning September 2020

This consultation is now closed.

What happens next?

The consultation period ended on Friday 25 January 2019. You can still give feedback and make comments but it will be too late to take your comments into consideration.

Schools and Academies will now consider the comments and feedback they have received and finalise their admission arrangements for the 2020 academic year.

Finalised (determined) admissions arrangements for the 2020/21 academic year should now be published on each schools website and are also accessible on the admissions arrangements page.

Information about the consultation

What is this consultation about?

We want to know what you think about the admission arrangements for schools in Hackney for the academic year starting in September 2020 and finishing in July 2021.

The proposed admission arrangements are available to read and download/print at the bottom of this page.

The admission arrangements include:

  • how Hackney Learning Trust will manage applications for Reception, Year 7 and In Year admissions (the “schemes of coordination”)
  • the admission numbers for schools in Hackney i.e. how many places each school will offer
  • how schools figure out who has priority for school places (the “oversubscription criteria”)

For a paper copy of the arrangements please email or phone 020 8820 7000 (option 3).

When is the consultation?

The consultation is open from Monday 10 December 2018 until Friday 25 January 2019.

If you want to give your views you must submit your response during this period.

Who is involved in the consultation?

The ‘admissions authority’ of each school must consult the following groups:

  • parents of children between the ages of 2 and 18
  • other persons in the area who have an interest in the proposed arrangements
  • all other admission authorities within the local area
  • the local authority (Hackney Learning Trust)
  • any adjoining neighbouring local authorities
  • any local faith organisation (if a faith school)

Hackney Learning Trust is the admission authority for all community schools in Hackney. For voluntary aided schools (religious schools) the admission authority is the governing body. For academies and free schools the academy trust (proprietor) is the admission authority.

The schools that are consulting on their admission arrangements are listed below – including a brief comment about the proposed changes. The proposed admission arrangements are available to read and download/print at the bottom of this page.

How do I give my feedback?

In writing
Please email your comments regarding Hackney Learning Trust admission arrangements i.e. regarding community schools and the schemes of coordination to
Comments about voluntary aided schools, academies and free schools should be submitted to the school directly.

In person
There will be a public drop-in session on Thursday 3 January 2019 from 5pm to 6pm at Hackney Learning Trust, 1 Reading Lane, E8 1GQ.

What are the changes?

Hackney Community Schools

There are no changes proposed by Hackney Learning Trust on the following arrangements but you can still make comments.

  • the schemes of coordination for Reception, Year 7 and In Year admissions
  • the oversubscription criteria for community schools
  • the PAN (published admission number) for community schools

Access the proposed arrangements at the bottom of this page. For a paper copy of the arrangements please email or phone 020 8820 7000 (option 3).

Religious Schools and Academies

The following voluntary aided schools/academies are proposing changes to their admission arrangements. A summary of the main changes are shown beside the school name:

  • Mossbourne Community Academy – clarification of how priority pupils living more than 3km from the academy will be ranked and revision of how oversubscription in a band/zone will be managed during the allocation process.
  • The Olive School Hackney – introduction of an oversubscription criterion to prioritise adopted from care outside England.

The proposed arrangements are below. For a paper copy of the arrangements please contact the school directly.


Admissions and Pupil Benefits Team

020 8820 7000 (option 3)
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