Public consultations relating to Hackney Schools

Find out about our current consultations and give us your views on the proposals. You can also view consultations on school admission arrangements.

Open consultations

You can submit any comments on this proposal via our online response form:

If you have questions regarding this proposal, please email:

The consultation period runs from 15 January until 11 February.


Closed consultations

Download size Download type
A proposal to federate Orchard and Southwold Primary Schools 917KB PDF
Consultation for Creation of Cross-phase School at Yesodey Hatorah in Sept 2019 108KB PDF
Consultation for the Federation of Colvestone with Thomas Fairchild Community School 916KB PDF
Consultation for the Federation of Mandeville with Kingsmead and Gayhurst Schools 689KB PDF
Consultation for the Federation of Primary Advantage Federation with Gainsborough and De Beauvoir Primary Schools 468KB PDF
Consultation on a proposal to build a new secondary school and to expand Nightingale school 1MB PDF
Consultation on expanding the Primary Advantage Federation to include Morningside Primary School 456KB PDF
Consultation on Proposed Admissions Arrangements 2018-19 130KB PDF
Consultation on proposed Hackney Educational Health Care Plan 236KB PDF
Consultation on the expansion of Harrington Hill Primary School from September 2014 509KB PDF
Consultation on the expansion of Orchard Primary School from September 2015 773KB PDF
Consultation on the expansion of Woodberry Down Primary School 376KB PDF
Consultation on the permanent expansion of Sir Thomas Abney Primary School from September 2016 1MB PDF
Consultation on the proposal to add post-16 provision at Stormont House Special School from September 2014 340KB PDF
Consultation on the proposed federation of Sebright and Daubeney Primary Schools 462KB PDF
Draft SEND Post 16 Education Strategy 905KB PDF
Eastwick Primary School Consultation 139KB PDF
Gayhurst Kingsmead Consultation 615KB PDF
Mossbourne Primary Consultation 2015 1MB PDF
New Secondary and Expand Nightingale - Post Consultation Stakeholder Statement 220KB PDF
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