Apply for a place after the start of the school year

Appealing a school's decision

If you have applied for admission to a school during the school year and been unsuccessful you have the right to appeal against the school's decision.

Primary in-year appeal forms

What happens next?

Once your appeal has been submitted, you will be given a date for your appeal hearing at least ten days in advance.

You case will be heard by a panel of between three to five impartial members of the public but the panel will not give their decision at the hearing. You will be told the result of your appeal by post within seven days.

The decision of the panel will be legally binding and if your appeal is successful your child will be given a place at the school. If your appeal is unsuccessful, your child will not be given a place but you will still be able to put their name on the school’s waiting list.


Admissions and Pupil Benefits Team

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