Apply for a primary school place

Offer of a school place

If you apply online you will receive an email on the evening of Thursday 16 April 2020 to inform you of the outcome of your application. If you apply using a paper application, your offer will be sent by first class post on 16 April and should arrive by 18 April.

The offer will be for the highest ranked school on your application that is able to offer your child a place. If your child is not offered a place at any of your preferred schools they will normally be offered a place at the nearest Hackney school to your home that has vacancies remaining.

If you are offered a place at a lower preference school, your child will automatically be added to the waiting lists for schools you ranked higher on your application form. If you have been refused a place at all of the schools you listed on your application form, your child will automatically be added to the waiting lists for all of them.

You are encouraged to accept the place you have been offered and wait to see if you can be offered one of your preferred schools from the waiting list. Accepting the offer will not reduce your chances of gaining a place from the waiting list. Rejecting the offer will not increase your chances of gaining a place from the waiting list.

How do I respond to the offer?

You must respond to the offer by Thursday 30 April 2020. Your offer email will explain how to respond online. You will need to log into your online application using your email address or username and your password. Your username was emailed to you when you registered to apply online. Your password was chosen by you when you registered to apply online but it was not sent vie email.

If you applied using a paper application form you must complete and return the reply slip included with your offer letter. If you don’t respond by 30 April we may withdraw the offer. We also need to know if your circumstances have changed and you no longer want the place.

Waiting lists

Your child’s position on waiting lists will be worked out according to the admissions criteria for each school and can go up or down as other children leave or join.  Waiting lists are not ranked according to when you applied or by how long you have been waiting.

Primary schools will inform Hackney Learning Trust when a vacancy becomes available so that the next child on the waiting list can be offered a place. 

On 30 October 2020 waiting lists will close. To ensure that your child remains on the waiting list and in consideration after this date you must make a new 2020/21 In Year application before Friday 23 October 2020. You can re-apply to remain on the waiting list from 1 September 2020 onward. 

NOTE: We will not contact you directly to remind you to reapply. It is your responsibility to remember to reapply before 23 October 2020.


Admissions and Pupil Benefits Team

020 8820 7000 (option 3)

In person: Tuesdays 9am - 1pm and Thursdays 1pm - 5pm at 2nd Floor Reception, 1 Reading Lane, E8 1GQ

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