Re-engagement Unit

What is it?

The Re-engagement Unit (REU) is a service that helps and advises schools. The aim of the service is to provide support for children whose behaviour means that they are having difficulty engaging with learning, resulting in them being at risk of exclusion.

The REU works with the child, the teachers, the family and other involved professionals to help create change for the child. It is made up of multi-skilled education professionals including teachers, learning mentors, family support workers and youth workers.

Why would my child's school refer to the REU?

  • The school may be concerned about the behaviour or academic progress of your child
  • Your child may have previously been issued with one or more fixed term exclusions
  • The school may want some fresh advice and ideas about how to support your child
  • There may have been a sudden change in your child’s behaviour or engagement with learning 

What will happen next?

  • The school will contact the REU to discuss the needs of the child and make a referral. Parents have to agree and sign a consent form in order for the school to refer to the REU
  • A lead worker from the REU will be allocated to the case. This will be the main point of contact for the family and the school
  • The lead worker will undertake a planning period. During this time they will observe your child in school, visit or meet with you to understand your thoughts, and meet with relevant school staff and involved professionals
  • A plan around the child will be created together with the family, school and other relevant professionals. The plan will be held by the school and include targets for the child
  • The plan will be focused on how to help the school to better meet the needs of your child. The plan may also include some actions for you to help create change
  • There will be regular reviews of the plan in place at school. We know we can create the most progress when parents/carers attend all school reviews and meetings
  • The plan will last for up to 8 weeks. At the end of this time there will be a meeting to discuss the changes and improvements for your child. Any further work needed to continue with improvements made will be discussed at this meeting

How to find out more

Should you have a concern about your child's behaviour and need further support, please first discuss with the school's inclusion manager, class teacher or school SENCo. The REU only takes referrals directly from schools.


Nicky Pailing, Re-engagement Unit Manager

020 8820 7091
This page was last modified on: 17 Jan 2020