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 Primary School Contact Details 


Baden Powell Primary School
Ferron Road
E5 8DN020 8985 6176www.baden-powell.hackney.sch.ukYes
Benthal Primary School
Benthal  Road
N16 7AU020 8985 9310www.benthal.hackney.sch.uk/Yes
Berger Primary School
Anderson Road
E9 6HB020 8985 6280www.berger.hackney.sch.ukYes
Betty Layward Primary School
Clissold Road
N16 9EX020 7249 7111www.bettylayward.hackney.sch.ukYes
Colvestone Primary School
Colvestone Crescent
E8 2LG020 7254 1143www.colvestone.hackney.sch.ukYes
Daubeney Primary School
Daubeney Road
E5 0EG020 8985 4380www.daubeney.hackney.sch.ukYes
De Beauvoir Primary School
Tottenham Road
N1 4BS020 7254 2517www.debeauvoir.hackney.sch.ukYes
Gainsborough Community Primary School
Berkshire Road
E9 5ND020 8985 4622www.gainsborough.hackney.sch.ukYes
Gayhurst Community School
Gayhurst Road
E8 3EN020 7254 6138www.gayhurst.hackney.sch.ukYes
Grasmere Primary School
92 Albion Road
N16 9PD020 7254 4564www.grasmere.hackney.sch.ukYes
Grazebrook Primary School
Lordship Road
N16 0QP020 8802 4051www.grazebrook.hackney.sch.ukYes
Hackney New Primary School
1-9 Downham Road
N1 5AA020 3239 0490hackneynewprimaryschool.orgYes
Halley House School
52-58 Arcola Street
E8 2DJ0845 459 0113halleyhouseschool.org.ukYes
Harrington Hill Primary School
Harrington Hill
E5 9EY020 8806 7275www.harringtonhill.hackney.sch.ukYes
Holmleigh Primary School
Dunsmure Road
N16 5PU020 8802 7420www.holmleigh.hackney.sch.ukYes
Holy Trinity CE Primary School
Beechwood Road, Dalston
E8 3DY020 7254 1010www.holytrinity.hackney.sch.ukYes
Hoxton Garden School
Ivy Street
N1 5JD020 7739 8591http://www.hoxtongarden.hackney.sch.ukYes
Jubilee School
Filey Avenue
N16 6NR020 8806 5446www.jubilee.hackney.sch.ukYes
Kingsmead Primary School
Kingsmead Way
E9 5PP020 8985 5779www.kingsmead.hackney.sch.ukYes
Lauriston Primary School
Rutland Road
E9 7JS020 8985 6331www.lauriston.hackney.sch.ukYes
London Fields Primary School
2 Westgate Street
E8 3RL020 7254 4330www.londonfields.hackney.sch.ukYes
Lubavitch Junior Boys
135 Clapton Common
E5 9AE0208 800 1044lubavitchjuniorboys.comYes
Lubavitch Ruth Lunzer Girls' Primary School
Stamford Hill
N16 5RP020 8800 0022www.tinyurl.com/ruthlunzerlubavitchYes
Mandeville Primary School
Oswald Street
E5 0BT020 8986 5249www.mandeville.hackney.sch.ukYes
Millfields Community School
Hilsea Street
E5 0SH020 8985 7898www.millfields.hackney.sch.ukYes
Morningside Primary School
Chatham Place
E9 6LL020 8985 5382morningside.hackney.sch.ukYes
Mossbourne Parkside Academy
Sigdon Road
E8 1AS020 8618 1300www.mpa.mossbourne.orgYes
Mossbourne Riverside Academy
East Bay Lane
E15 2GW020 8173 0650www.mra.mossbourne.orgYes
Nightingale Primary School
Rendlesham Road
E5 8PH020 8985 4259www.nightingale.hackney.sch.ukYes
Northwold Primary School
Northwold Road
E5 8RN020 8806 6352northwoldschool.comYes
Orchard Primary School
Holcroft Road
E9 7BB020 8985 7785www.orchard.hackney.sch.ukYes
Our Lady and St Joseph's RC Primary School
Buckingham Road
N1 4JB020 7254 7353www.olsjschool.netYes
Parkwood Primary School
Queens Drive
N4 2HQ020 8802 5366www.parkwood.hackney.sch.ukYes
Princess May Primary School
Barretts Grove
N16 8DF020 7254 1589www.princessmay.hackney.sch.ukYes
Queensbridge Primary School
Queensbridge Road
E8 4ET020 7254 1186www.queensbridge.hackney.sch.ukYes
Randal Cremer Primary School
Ormsby Road
E2 8JG020 7739 8162www.randalcremer.hackney.sch.ukYes
Rushmore Primary School
Elderfield Road
E5 0LE020 8985 1142 / 020 8985 3175www.rushmore.hackney.sch.ukYes
Sebright School
Audrey Street
E2 8QH020 7739 6531www.sebright.hackney.sch.ukYes
Shacklewell Primary School
Shacklewell Row
E8 2EA020 7254 1415www.shacklewell.hackney.sch.ukYes
Shoreditch Park Primary School
113 Bridport Place
N1 5JN020 7739 7973www.shoreditchpark.hackney.sch.ukYes
Simon Marks Jewish Primary School
75 Cazenove Road
N16 6PD020 8806 6048www.simonmarks.hackney.sch.ukYes
Sir Thomas Abney School
Fairholt Road
N16 5ED020 8800 1411www.sirthomasabney.hackney.sch.ukYes
Southwold School
Detmold Road
E5 9NL020 8806 5201www.southwold.hackney.sch.ukYes
Springfield Community Primary School
Castlewood Road
N16 6DH020 8800 9007www.springfield.hackney.sch.ukYes
St. Dominic's Catholic Primary School
Ballance Road
E9 5SR020 8985 0995www.stdominics.hackney.sch.ukYes
St. John & St. James  CE Primary School
Isabella Road
E9 6DX020 8985 2045www.johnjames.hackney.sch.ukYes
St. John of Jerusalem CE
Kingshold Road
E9 7JF020 8985 0730www.st-johnjerusalem.hackney.sch.ukYes
St. John the Baptist CE Primary School
Crondall Street
N1 6JG020 7739 4902 www.st-john.hackney.sch.ukYes
St. Mary's Church of England Primary School
Barn Street
 N16 0JT020 8800 2645www.st-marys.hackney.sch.ukYes
St. Matthias CE Primary School
Wordsworth Road
N16 8DD020 7254 1148www.st-matthias.hackney.sch.ukYes
St. Monica's Roman Catholic Primary School
Hoxton Square
N1  6NT020 7739 5824www.st-monicas.hackney.sch.ukYes
St. Paul's with St. Michael's CE Primary School
57a Brougham Road
E8 4PB020 7254 1927www.spsm.hackney.sch.ukYes
St. Scholastica Roman Catholic Primary School
Kenninghall Road
E5 8BS020 8985 3466www.st-scholasticas.hackney.sch.ukYes
The Olive Primary School
Cazenove Road
N16 6AA020 7683 7436www.tauheedulschools.comYes
Thomas Fairchild Community School
Forston Street
N1 7HA020 7253 9469www.thomasfairchild.hackney.sch.ukYes
Tyssen Community Primary School
Oldhill Street
N16 6LR020 8806 4130www.tyssen.hackney.sch.ukYes
William Patten Primary School
Stoke Newington Church Street
N16 0NX020 7254 4915www.williampatten.hackney.sch.ukYes
Woodberry Down Community Primary School
Woodberry Grove
N4 1SY020 8800 5758www.woodberrydown.hackney.sch.ukYes