Hackney Schools Group


Proposals to support local schools to continue to improve are currently being shared with teachers, parents and residents.

The plans have been shaped following discussions with head teachers, school staff and governors, and will see a Hackney Schools Group Board established. This independent board will provide advice and guidance to the Hackney Learning Trust on key educational issues. It will act in an advisory capacity and will not be established as a separate legal entity.

Through this Board, our schools will be able to collectively share in the leadership and oversight of a collaborative school system. This proposal embodies the principle of ‘co-production’, with the Council and local schools acting collectively. This new approach will be explicitly aligned with the Mayor’s manifesto commitments for school improvement in the borough to ensure:

  • Better attainment and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people and improved life chances for Hackney residents.
  • Fair access and equal opportunity for all children and young people.

The Hackney Schools Group Board will be composed of a combination of independent and expert educational professionals as well as heads, governors and Council representatives.


The Board will act in an advisory role, championing educational excellence in the local school system, promoting improvement, high standards, and ensuring fair access and inclusion for all young people.

The Board will:

  • Enable schools to influence and contribute to the school improvement system in Hackney
  • Retain and further develop the coherent relationships and collaboration across all Hackney settings
  • Provide advice, ambition and constructive challenge within the Hackney school system


The HSG Board will be constituted to bring together local settings/schools/academies, the Council and independent professionally expert members, together bringing a range of local knowledge, skills and experience to the post.

The latter group will be drawn from professional backgrounds and contribute their time, knowledge and authority to provide the required expertise and challenge to improve the education system to one that is truly exceptional.

The board will be a voice for Hackney schools in the local and national context. It will bring an independent perspective to the Hackney school system, which research demonstrates is an essential part of school led system improvement.


  • November 2018 - January 2019: Information shared with schools, governors, parents, residents and other key stakeholders. Ongoing information and feedback sessions.
  • 24 January 2019: Information session for residents at Hackney Town Hall, 6.30pm. Register your attendance
  • February: Feedback analysed
  • March: Decision on whether to establish Hackney Schools Group


Tracey Caldwell, Head of Business Operations

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