Hackney Schools Group

Following Cabinet approval on 29 April 2019 a Hackney Schools Group Board will be formed to play an important role in the strategic direction for Hackney education. We want to see the Hackney family of schools continue to work together, developing the best possible provision for all our children and young people.

Hackney Schools Group Board

The board will bring together 12-14 representatives from schools across the borough, as well as independent experts, to provide a long term steer to system and school improvement in Hackney.

It will act as an advisory board to the Director of Education, involving a broad range of voices and opinions in shaping improvement in education. It will involve headteachers in steering local policy; it will facilitate schools and professionals working closely together to share and grow expertise. Board members will represent different sectors of the school system.

All places for the board will be advertised and will be appointed to on the basis of expertise and experience.

The make-up of the board will be:

  • 3 Headteachers (from any Hackney school or academy)
  • 2 Chairs of Governors (from any Hackney school or academy)
  • 4-6 independent experts
  • Lead Member for Education (London Borough of Hackney)
  • One other Councillor (appointed by the Mayor of Hackney)
  • Director of Education (Hackney Learning Trust)
  • Group Director Children, Adults and Community Health (Hackney Council)

A series of panels will look at specific areas to feed into the Hackney Schools Group Board, including achievement, professional development and innovation, as well as support for vulnerable young people.


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