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London Borough of Hackney’s Education department is known as Hackney Learning Trust (HLT). It provides a range of statutory and traded services to support the education of children, young people and their families in the borough. HLT is part of the Children, Adults & Community Health (CACH) directorate within the Council and works closely with all types of schools and settings in the borough.

Hackney’s performance in its schools and settings has been good and we have consistently performed above the national average, placing us in the top quartile when ranked against all local authorities in England.

In response to a changing educational environment, HLT has developed a proposal to form a Hackney Schools Group Board. These proposals will continue the positive improvements already evident in Hackney schools and will give all schools a greater voice in the local education system. Find out more about the Hackney Schools Group proposal.

Our mission

Our mission is to improve the life chances of every child, young person and learner in Hackney making Hackney the most forward looking education system in the UK, where schools, settings and partners provide an exciting environment which ensures inclusion and success for everyone. We see our borough as being one of the best places in the country for young people to grow, learn, develop and achieve – and one of the best places for colleagues to work and thrive in our education system.

We will:

  • provide the best possible support for our schools and settings, our children, young people and families;
  • encourage and challenge all Hackney schools and settings, individually and collectively, to develop or sustain exceptional education for all our young people;
  • champion the wellbeing and flourishing of all our Hackney children and young people, driving the shared work of all partners; and
  • promote our values in all aspects of our work.

Continuous improvement

HLT is ambitious to support schools and work closely with them to ensure they continue to improve whilst increasing their resilience in a changing educational environment. To facilitate this, HLT has developed a 3 Year Improvement Plan. The strategic aims of this plan are to sustain continuous improvement and to ensure that all schools in Hackney are graded good or better with curricula that enable and promote lifelong learning.

This plan builds on the above mission and also sets out a series of values which define the way we do things in Hackney and identifies 8 areas of strategic focus which aim to drive ongoing service improvement over the next 3 years.

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