Holiday playschemes

A fun place for children aged 4 to 12 to play during the Easter holidays

When: Monday 8 April to Thursday 18 April 2019 from 8.45am - 5.45pm

Venue: Baden Powell Primary School
Ferron Road, London E5 8DN
(Entrance to the playscheme is on Charnock Road)

Activities: Arts and crafts, outdoor play, games, free play, cooking, sports, trips and much more


  • Playscheme fees for 4–7 year olds
    £15.00 per day for Hackney children
    £10.00 per day concessions
  • Playscheme fees for 8–12 year olds
    £11.00 per day for Hackney children 
    £7.50 per day concessions

For out of borough places please contact Anthony Greenidge on 0208 820 7517 or email


You are able to book playscheme places online.

Important information

  • All parents must bring proof of their address and of their children’s date of birth to the first session
  • If you book a concessionary place please bring current evidence of receipt of income support or income based job seekers allowance to your first session
  • We do not give refunds on places that have been booked once the scheme has started, even if your child is unable to attend the session
  • Trips will be offered to children over the course of the scheme – bookings and fees will be coordinated by the scheme on site
  • A late fee of £2 for every 5 minutes is payable if you are late in collecting your child
  • The play scheme will take no responsibility for lost or damaged property including mobile phones. Hand-held computer games and other electrical equipment will not be allowed at the play scheme


Anthony Greenidge

This page was last modified on: 25 Mar 2019