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Nurseries and playgroups

Nurseries and playgroups are for children under five years old to play, learn and have fun in groups, while their parents work, study or are busy elsewhere.

Children's centre services

Children's centres offer families with children under five, a range of services, information and support in their community.

Early education integrated with childcare

  • Full daycare
    8am-6pm, five days a week, for a minimum of 48 weeks a year (you have to pay for this service).
  • Who is eligible for a place?
    Children aged between 12 weeks and five years whose parents live or work in Hackney.
  • Access to children's centre childcare
    The children’s centre will give you an application form and information about fees and tax credits. After you have handed in the form, the children’s centre will contact you to discuss your needs and you will be placed on the admissions register.

Free activities for children aged 0-5 years

  • An updated version of our free activities for under fives leaflet will be available shortly. In the meantime, please see below for the activities timetables for each children's centre. 

Free activities for babies 0-18 months

Community outreach

  • Parental involvement
    Working with parents to develop local services
  • Training and employment
    Encouragement and support to help parents or carers into training and employment

Child and family health services

  • Speech and language therapy
    The Speech and Language Therapist can help your child if they are finding it hard to talk
  • Midwifery
    Advice information and support for pregnant and new parents
  • Healthy eating
    Nutritionists or Dieticians will work with children and families to make sure they have an understanding of healthy eating and can assess any food related health problems
  • Mental health services
    Direct support to children and families such as counselling, or support to your child in their daycare setting
  • Portage service
    Portage works with children up to age three with a disability and their families in the home to improve a child’s development

Links with schools and settings

There are links between children’s centres, schools and settings in each children’s centre area.

The children’s centres:

  • support children as they move from daycare to school;
  • deliver services to staff and children in settings;
  • give information about children’s centre services to parents and staff in schools and other settings; and
  • act as a link between the schools, settings, parents, health and social services providers.

Find children's centres

Details of the children's centres are below. You can also view a map of all the children's centres and other activity venues.

Don't forget to check out the 0-18 month and 0-5 years free activities timetables.

Ann Tayler Children's Centre
1-13 Triangle Road, off Westgate Street, E8 3RP
020 7275 6020
Kaushika Amin (Head of Centre)

Brook @ Pembury
1A Atkins Square, E8 1FA
020 3828 3500
Jeannie Terry (Executive Head)

Children's Centre at Gainsborough
Berkshire Road, E9 5ND
020 8525 9020
Jenna Clark (Executive Headteacher), Judy John-Lewis (Children's Centre Manager)

Children's Centre at Tyssen
Oldhill Street, N16 6LR
020 8806 4130
Jackie Benjamin (Headteacher), Afulenu Nwabuzo (Head of Centre), Sharlene Jeffery (Nursery Manager)

Clapton Park Children's Centre
161 Daubeney Road, E5 0EP
020 8986 7437
Biddy Hutton (Children’s Centre and Early Years Lead), Kaushika Amin (Executive Head)

Comberton Children's Centre
10 Comberton Road, E5 9PU
020 8806 0680
Janet Fayemi (Head of Centre)

Comet Nursery School and Children's Centre
20 Halcomb Street, N1 5RF
020 7749 9850
Lisa Clarke (Headteacher and Head of Centre), Gareth Prosser (Extended Services Manager)

Daubeney Children's Centre
Daubeney Road, E5 0EG
020 8525 7040
Janice Thomas (Executive Headteacher), Suzanne Carmichael (Interim Children's Centre Manager)

Fernbank Children's Centre
1A Fountayne Road, N16 7EA
020 8806 6622
Norma Hewins (Headteacher), Hannah Adu (Head of Centre)

Hillside Children's Centre
1 Leatherhead Close, Holmleigh Road, N16 5QR
020 8800 7325
Colleen Sterling (Executive Head of Centre)

Ihsan Children's Centre
66-68 Cazenove Road, N16 6AA
020 8806 1147
Mohammed Amejee (Head of Centre)

Linden Children's Centre
86/92 Rectory Road, N16 7SH
020 7254 9939
Jeannie Terry (Executive Head)

Lubavitch Children's Centre
1 Northfield Road, N16 5RL
020 8809 9050
Mrs Sudak (Head of Centre) Devorah Leah Sudak (Children's Centre Manager)

Mapledene and Queensbridge Children's Centre
54 Mapledene Road, E8 3LE
020 7249 8139
Sarah Bailey OBE (Headteacher), Pamela Dushi (Head of Centre)

Millfields Children's Centre
Elmcroft Street, E5 0SQ
020 8525 6410
Lorraine Tuttle (Centre Lead), Jane Betsworth (Headteacher)

Minik Kardes Community Nursery & Children's Centre
53-55 Balls Pond Road, N1 4BW
020 7923 7226
Nalan Cosar (Head of Centre)

Morningside Children's Centre
Chatham Place, E9 6LL
020 8525 2400
Janet Taylor (Headteacher), Marie Kerrigan (Children's Centre Manager)

Sebright Children's Centre
Haggerston Park, Queensbridge Road, E2 8NP
020 7749 1210
Janice Thomas (Executive Headteacher), Suzanne Carmichael (Interim Children's Centre Manager)

Thomas Fairchild Children's Centre
Forston Street, N1 7HX
020 7253 9469
Caroline King (Executive Headteacher), Masha Guyard (Extended Services Manager)

Wentworth Nursery School and Children's Centre
Granard House, Bradstock Road, E9 5EX
020 8985 3491
Ben Hasan (Headteacher), Katrin Karlsdottir (Community Services Manager)

Woodberry Down Children's Centre
Spring Park Drive, off Green Lanes, N4 2NP
020 8815 3270
Colleen Sterling (Executive Head of Centre)